Gifts Project 1: Kenya West (Women's Empowerment and Livelihood Program)

The Salvation Army in Kenya West seeks to enrich an ongoing women’s empowerment and livelihood program offered through TSA’s WORTH groups. Based on the successful WORTH micro-finance model, the program helps women create personal incomes, which in turn allows them to become financial decision makers within their families. The WORTH groups evolve into village banks (savings and loan groups) of 10 to 25 women to help one another learn to read and write; become proficient in record keeping; generate not only personal but group savings; and create successful micro-enterprises. Your gift will help address literacy, job skills, employment opportunities, and decision-making for women in the community in order to develop strong leadership within their families and communities. 

Ai group of mothers, worried about the education of their children since most

members of the community were illiterate, asked The Salvation Army to create

a school support program for their youngsters. The Rayito de Luz Center was

created in 1994. Its main objective is to improve the academic performance of

children through tutoring. A $25 gift will go toward providing tutoring

for the children of this community

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