Project 6: Mateare Outpost (Nicaragua - Latin North America)

The Mateare Outpost was built and supported by local contributions. At this time, there are no social programs, but the Outpost is growing and with that growth, the community continues to be hospitable and generous. There is a great need at the Outpost for a Children’s Development Center that will allow it to reach out to the children in the community that are suffering from poverty, illiteracy, emotional neglect and a high risk of delinquency. A $100 gift will go towards allowing this center to meet the needs of the children and help them reach their full potential.

Ai group of mothers, worried about the education of their children since most

members of the community were illiterate, asked The Salvation Army to create

a school support program for their youngsters. The Rayito de Luz Center was

created in 1994. Its main objective is to improve the academic performance of

children through tutoring. A $25 gift will go toward providing tutoring

for the children of this community

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