Project 5 - India: Anti-Human Trafficking Project in the Red Light District of Mumbai

In the targeted Red Light District of Mumbai, there are more than 9000 young women and girls that are forced into a life of prostitution. Due to this, many children are left alone and experience a lack of nutrition and education. A program was created to help alleviate this problem by providing a safe alternative for the women that teaches them skills that will allow for income generating opportunities for their families. The children in the program are also provided nutritional meals and education that will prevent future generations from being exposed to the dangerous world of prostitution. Your gift will help this program improve the lives of women and children in Mumbai by allowing them to live in a healthy and safe environment and pointing them to the love of Christ. 

A group of mothers, worried about the education of their children since most

members of the community were illiterate, asked The Salvation Army to create

a school support program for their youngsters. The Rayito de Luz Center was

created in 1994. Its main objective is to improve the academic performance of

children through tutoring. A $25 gift will go toward providing tutoring

for the children of this community

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