The Salvation Army’s Allegheny County Red Shield Campaign is an annual fundraising and public awareness effort designed to provide financial support to three vital Salvation Army programs:

  • Family Caring Center - This shelter, unique to Allegheny County, provides housing for entire families who have been displaced from their homes for various reasons.

  • Comprehensive Social Services - Food, clothing, utility assistance, Christmas support, agency referral and much more are provided to those who need it most, providing a sense of hope for the future.

  • Emergency Disaster Services - Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, our EDS team is on-call to provide clothing, food, clean-up assistance, shelter and spiritual support to victims of fires, floods or other disasters.

    Those who take the Kettle Challenge by donating to
    the Red Shield Campaign at a minimum level of $6,000 are invited to be our guests at the Kettle Challenge Invitational. Unlike purchasing a foursome at an event, the entire amount of your contribution to The Red Shield Campaign is tax deductible, due to the cost of the golf event being underwritten by a generous donor. 


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