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About Start a
I'm fundraising to help:
Shelter the Homeless
Because with The Salvation Army, there's no such thing as "no place to go".





Funds benefit:
The Salvation Army
Lolo Jones

My Story

Getting to the Olympics isn’t easy, but then again, neither
is growing up in a low-income family with a single mom and five kids. That’s why I’m so thankful for The Salvation Army. When I was a child, they gave my family a place to live and helped provide after-school care for my siblings and me.

They supported me when I was young, and now I’m doing my
best to support them but I need your help. Please join me in my fight to help the homeless by donating to my fundraiser. Who knows? You could be helping shelter a future Olympian.

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Thank You, Donors

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Shelter the Homeless

The Salvation Army helps provide shelter and comfort or rental assistance for destitute families, the chronically homeless, the temporarily displaced, and youth lacking appropriate family care. By donating to my #RedKettleReason page, you can help to support this.

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Shelter the Homeless