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Diana's #RedKettleReason
I'm fundraising to help:
Shelter the Homeless
Because if you can and you really care, they need you





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My Story

There are far too many homeless people living anywhere that they can find shelter. Whether that be under a tree or bridge, behind bushes or even right out on the street. Most of these people have lost hope, they have lost the will, energy and often the ability to fight their way out of that darkness and so they submit.  

Many of those in my community are veterans, children and woman who have been abused.  Some just need a bit of help to get back on their feet. 

Often when we see them some who don't understand will angrily judge them without thinking about the fact that no one would really willingly choose this life. I'm not talking about the kids who hitch hike their way across the country and beg for change on the street corner. You can tell the difference. It's the destitute and it's in their eyes. Many of them fought for this country and we cannot abandoned them.

You probably don't even realize how many children are living on the streets. These are young children who often still attend school.  Many don't. They live in cars and on the very streets you walk. In our country not some far away thrid world country, right here in the U.S.

 Too often the needs of those without hope are overlooked, and it’s my turn to make a difference and make everyone feel loved. Whether I help one person, one hundred people, or 27,167,320 people like The Salvation Army served last year, I know that my #RedKettleReason fundraiser will make someone’s day and life better.

The Salvation Army exists to meet human need wherever, whenever, and however they can. With a purpose like this, I am confident that my story and their story will end with doing the most good. This is my community, this is my campaign, and this is my contribution.

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Shelter the Homeless

The Salvation Army helps provide shelter and comfort or rental assistance for destitute families, the chronically homeless, the temporarily displaced, and youth lacking appropriate family care. By donating to my #RedKettleReason page, you can help to support this.

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Shelter the Homeless