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Mike Gallagher's #RedKettleReason
I'm fundraising to help:
Meet the Greatest Need
Because "down on your luck" doesn't have to mean "down and out."





Funds benefit:
The Salvation Army
Mike Gallagher

My Story

The man on the street, the child who goes to bed hungry, the woman searching for hope, the family with no presents on Christmas morning. Too often the needs of those in my community are overlooked, and it’s my turn to make a difference and make everyone feel loved. Whether I help one person, one hundred people, or 27,167,320 people like The Salvation Army served last year, I know that my #RedKettleReason fundraiser will make someone’s day and life better.

The Salvation Army exists to meet human need wherever, whenever, and however they can. With a purpose like this, I am confident that my story and their story will end with doing the most good. This is my community, this is my campaign, and this is my contribution.

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Meet the Greatest Need

The Salvation Army helps to make a difference in local communites. From fueling shelter and feeding programs to providing addiction recovery to educating kids, your funds will help the most vulnerable, wherever they need it most.

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Meet the Greatest Need