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2017 Most Amazing Race - Twin Cities

Adventure Guy and Gal!

Dear Family and Friends,

We hope you had a terrific summer.

Thanks to each of you for the well wishes, prayers, and support that you provided me and my past race partners for The Most Amazing Race (Beau, Melanie, Kristi, Angela and Jeff) in our charitable efforts for funding the Salvation Army over the past 11 years. We have had amazing results, and it truly could not have been such a great success without your kindness and generosity.

If you would like to donate again this year, the cut-off for receiving donations is October 4, 2017 and September 29 for cash or checks.

Past Year Results

• First year - 1st place in both the race and fundraising ($2,400)
• Second year - 4th place in the race and 2nd place in fundraising ($4,300)
• Third year - 1st in the race and 1 st in fundraising ($5,013)
• Fourth year - 7th in the race and 2nd in fundraising ($3,300)
• Fifth year - 7th in the race and 2nd in fundraising ($3,600)
• Sixth year - 10th in the race and 1 st in fundraising ($4,500)
• Seventh year - 20th in the race and 2nd in fundraising ($4,415)
• Eighth year – 24th in the race and 1st in fundraising ($6,937)
• Ninth year – 9th place in the race and 1 st in fundraising ($4,830)
• Tenth year – 4th place in the race and 1 st in fundraising ($6,320)
• Eleventh year - 31st place in the race and 2nd in fundraising ($3,790)

This year the race is on October 7th and Delaney is my teammate. Together we are The Adventure Guy & Gal!

We set our sights on placing first this year and to be the top fund-raising team. We want to help as many people as we can.

Why donate to the Salvation Army? The Salvation Army provides workforce training, housing, and meals to those in need. All the money raised by The Most Amazing Race funds the Salvation Army’s food and housing programs in the Twin Cities. To date, the race has raised more than $703,000. Thanks in part to funds raised from this event, the organization is able to serve more than 187,000 people a year in the Twin Cities.

Every night, nearly 900 people sleep at any of 18 housing facilities offered by the Twin Cities Salvation Army. It provides emergency and permanent supportive housing for youth, veterans, seniors, and other adults. The dedicated case managers are a tireless resource for homeless men and women looking to get back on their feet.

With a lack of affordable housing in the Twin Cities, this need will only continue to grow in the coming years. Each day, the Salvation Army serves 700 hot meals in the Twin Cities and provides enough groceries for an additional 2,300 meals to be made in the homes of those who need them most. Last year alone, they provided groceries to 95,000 people. The eight food shelves around the metro area are busier than ever before, with guests reporting an increased need for help. We know that one in ten Minnesotans faces food insecurity on a daily basis. The Salvation Army also offers youth-only food shelves. These food shelves allow homeless youth to get food and referral services, no questions asked.

I know times are tough for several of us, but small charitable contributions from each of us can have a significant effect for many. It doesn’t take one stone to make a house, but many small bricks to make a home. They all matter and add up quickly.

Please consider giving. Again, the dead-line is October 4th at 11:59 PM on-line.

Thank you for all that you have done. The Adventure Guy & Gal! and all of those receiving help from the Salvation Army truly appreciate you.

For tax purposes, an electronic receipt will automatically be emailed to you so you can use this as a tax deduction which will help offset your end-of-year costs.

Blessings to you and thank you so much!



David and Delaney


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