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The Most Amazing Race - Raleigh 2017

The Late Late Morning Show

Shawn: Thanks, Brian for that weather update!

Andy: Welcome back, we're Shawn and Andy and we're the hosts of a fictional morning chat show that airs at 11 PM - the Late Late Morning Show!

We're happy to be talking about adventure races today - all the rage, from what we understand (hearty chuckle).

Shawn: That's right, Andy - we've heard so much about them we decided to jump in with both feet and do one ourselves! We've signed up to do the Most Amazing Race Raleigh - a morning of puzzles and adventures through downtown supporting the Salvation Army. Should be quite the...amazing experience! (self-congratulatory sip of whiskey from a coffee mug).

Andy: Well, Shawn that promises to be quite the experience. And viewers, we'll be doing our best to bring you updates and our thoughts as the race progresses - maybe we'll all learn a little bit about these crazy things and the programs of the Salvation Army in Wake County together!

Shawn: And now for traffic.....well, it is 11:35 PM so glad to report that's not really a thing at this time of night! Over to Chet with Sports....Chet, how'd our boys do?

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