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2017 Most Amazing Race - Twin Cities


After countless hours watching shows like The Amazing Race, we've decided to get out there and compete! But before we can officially race, we have to be one of the first 40 teams to raise at least $500. This is where we need your help! Any amount you are able to donate will not only help us reach our fundraising goal (and possible early start times with additional funds raised) but you have the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of thousands of Minnesotans.

While we couldn't be more excited to test our communication skills, push ourselves both mentally and physically, and explore the city we have grown to love, the money raised during this event is extremely important. As stated on The MOST Amazing Race's website, all the money raised helps fund Salvation Army's food and housing programs in the Twin Cities. Why is this important?

  • Every night, nearly 900 people sleep at any of 18 housing facilities offered by the Twin Cities Salvation Army.
  • Each day, Twin Cities Salvation Army creates 3,000 meals for Twin Cities residents through their hot meal and food shelf programs. Last year alone, they provided groceries to 95,000 people.
  • Thanks in part to funds raised from this event, The Salvation Army is able to serve more than 187,000 people a year in the Twin Cities.

The services provided by Twin Cities Salvation Army are incredibly important for our community. As an employee at a nonprofit in Minneapolis with a mission to end homelessness, Heather has seen firsthand how limited these types of resources are, and the importance of collaborating with one another to ensure all people are treated with dignity and respect regardless of their housing or socioeconomic status. Your donation has the ability to positively impact thousands of peoples’ lives. That is pretty amazing!

We are incredibly grateful for your generous donations and will make sure to keep everyone updated as we progress towards meeting our goal to become contestant in The MOST Amazing Race!

Curious where the team name “BAACAAAW” came from? Well, after an opportunity for us to practice our communication skills as a married couple there was a point of tension. At that moment, something must have made us think of a previous joke, and at the same time, we both made the noise of a loud rooster “BAACAAAW!” Needless to say, we both started laughing uncontrollably and realized how ridiculous both the noise and disagreement were. We’re prepared for there to be times in both this race and throughout life where there will be tension, but there are also times when all you need is a good “BAACAAAW” to remember what is really important.

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