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The Most Amazing Race - Raleigh 2018

Zooming into first!
Zooming into first!

Carolina on My Mind

Thanks for visiting our donation page.  Now for a silly poem to make you smile.


All signed up for The Most Amazing Race
Ryan and I will come in first place
We have to jump, run, solve and climb
All just in the nick of time

We will race around Raleigh
With fast feet while being jolly
The race is August 26th, which is so near
We have been lifting and running, so don't you fear

Now it is time for your part
Our donations need to be off the chart
All money goes right to the cause
They accept Benjamin's with no pause

Go grab your cash stack that is so large
Or maybe that VISA and say charge, charge
All donations go to the Salvation Army
Don't be a Scrooge, that is bad karm-y

We ask for this with hugs and a kiss
Once we raise the most, it will be bliss
We guarantee we will give it our all,
Thanks for your support, we love y'all

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