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2017 Most Amazing Race - Twin Cities

Dewey Decimators

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for supporting the Dewey Decimators in our quest to participate in the Amazing Race-St Paul!

We might not be the strongest, the fastest, or the biggest, but we've got determination, humor, book smarts, and an appreciation for proper grammar. (If Sarah ever womans up enough for us to get matching tattoos, they will definitely be Oxford commas.)

About us: Sarah met newborn Laura in the hospital on her way to her 2nd grade soccer game in September 1993. She was best friends with Laura's sister, Jennifer, and when Jen excitedly called to tell her the baby had been born, 8-year-old Sarah not-so-appropriately responded with "Ok" and then promptly hung up the phone. Laura was active and loud, and Sarah was awkward and nervous as she held her. Little did they know, this meeting accurately represented who they would become and was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Since that fateful day, we've shared laughs, tears, and too many awkward hugs to count (FYI: Laura is a fan of hugs. Sarah is not.) We've bonded over happy hour margaritas, Masterpiece Theatre, and Esther the Wonder Pig on Instagram. Surprisingly, we've never been on a team together (because Laura chose school over kickball), so this will be our test to see just how strong this friendship truly is. We HAVE survived heated discussions about APA vs MLA and Dewey vs LC, so we're confident we can decimate the competition and come out on top! (*Laura votes APA/Dewey and Sarah votes MLA/LC.*)

We promise to give it our all in October, but we need your support to get there! $250 is a lofty goal, so please give what you can! Go Dewey Decimators!

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