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2017 Most Amazing Race - Twin Cities

Barrels and Chickens

Welcome to Team Barrels and Chickens! This is our first year participating in The Most Amazing Race and appreciate your donations and support. We hope you can cheer us on when we tackle this obstacle course with the sassmouth and attitude that have made us world-famous! (In our own hearts and minds, of course.)

Why barrels and chickens you ask? Let’s go back ten years to when we lived together in St. Paul…

Liz: We should go on the Amazing Race! We see eye-to-eye on which challenges to take. Like, move barrels or pluck chickens?

Jess: Move barrels.

Liz (simultaneously): Pluck chickens… Wait, no! Barrels are heavy!

Jess: But chickens have sharp…teeth? And claws?

Liz: Chickens don’t have teeth!

Jess: Really? Well, they’re still gross.

Thus the idea was born. Jess is still hoping for a non-poultry related challenge, or at least that Liz will be able to conquer the demon fowl. Liz is more than happy to allow Jess to move the barrels all the way to the finish line.

Regardless, both of us are so excited to make a donation to the Twin Cities Salvation Army and thanks so much for your support!!

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