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Rebecca & Amanda's Story


Do These 'Amazing' racers have mental telepathy?

The sisters pose at the finish line.

Rebecca Field (pictured above, left) and Amanda Brinkman (right) have an unfair advantage over other teams that compete in the Twin Cities Salvation Army’s MOST Amazing Race: The sisters can practically read each other’s mind.

“We are usually thinking the same thing,” affirmed Field, 34, a full-time stay-at-home mom who works part-time as a certified public accountant. “We are totally in sync.”

Example: During the 2012 race, Brinkman and Field team name “Twinnies” participated in a charades challenge at Comedy Sportz in Minneapolis. Somehow, in less than 30 seconds, Brinkman understood Field’s bizarre pantomime of a cowboy diving into a toilet bowl.

“I shouted out the right answer,” said Brinkman, 38, who has raced with her sister in 2012, 2014 and 2016. “We are of the same mind and we are killer at knowing exactly what the other is trying to gesture.”

Above & Beyond

Amanda plays a life-size game of bags. Check out the muscles it takes to toss that bean bag!

Teams have two options for getting from challenge to challenge: 1) Take the bus. 2) Get there on foot.

"Aww, look at the beautiful bride!" These unsuspecting racers pledged to be race partners for life.

Field and Brinkman are also killer at raising money for the MOST Amazing Race, which benefits Salvation Army food and shelter programs. The sisters gathered more than $3,400 last year.

“(The Salvation Army) is such an awesome organization that is really making an impact in the community,” Field said. “It may seem like we are just running around the city in a mad dash, but indirectly we are helping feed and shelter those in need.”

Brinkman agreed: “I am a big fan of the work The Salvation Army does to help support people in living better lives.”

A big fan indeed: Brinkman is a former member of the Twin Cities Salvation Army advisory board. The executive at Deluxe is also one of Minnesota’s most successful young businesswomen. She is co-host of the hit Hulu series Small Business Revolution, hosted by celebrity entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” investor Robert Herjavec.

Looking Back

Heading into their fourth year of competing together, Field and Brinkman often enjoy reminiscing about their favorite race challenges from years past.

“My favorite is probably when we got to run inside the big hamster ball,” Field said.

Brinkman's favorite: the pillow toss at last year's race.

"We play a lot of bean bag competitions at our parent's cabin, so we were able to quickly translate our skills to the oversized version," she said.

They both have the same least-favorite challenge: eating a bag full of gummy bears.

“It was very hard to keep down … we had just run nine miles, in 90-degree heat,” Field said.

Added Brinkman: “My Fitbit could not compute why I would take in those kinds of crazy calories after having burned so many.”

The sisters can't wait to compete in this year's race.

"I love being able to spend an awesome day racing around the city with my sister," Field said. "It is super fun, while raising money for the community at the same time."