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Race Experience


Run • Climb • Perform • Eat • Solve

The race is an experience. We’re talking sensory overload. Pure exhilaration. It’s all of the most fun things you’ll do in a single year, packed into a single day. You’ll get access to places and activities the general public may not. It’s your backstage pass to the coolest parts of Arlington's Entertainment District.


See the Race: Videos and Photos

The best way to understand the race experience is to see it in action. Here’s footage and photos from our 2016 event.


We are excited that you want to be a part of the MOST Amazing Race. Each city hosting a MOST Amazing Race is a little bit different and we want to make sure you are familiar with our rules.


Once the race begins, you may only travel on foot or on one of the provided buses (designated during on-site registration). Anyone found using any other form of transportation will be immediately disqualified.


You are responsible for obeying all traffic laws. There will be times when you need to cross busy streets and you must do so safely and legally. If you are observed breaking the law or putting yourself or others in danger, you will be disqualified.


This year (2017) at least one person on your team is required to carry a Smartphone during the race. There may be a challenge where you are required to look up informaton and/or post to social media. 

There may be one or two challenges where we ask you to turn your phones in upon arrival at the challenge site. Sometimes this is due to fairness, sometimes this is due to the requirements of the venue (ie no photos of artwork, etc.). Please be honest and turn in all phones. Anyone found using a phone at a “no phone” challenge will be immediately disqualified.


The Golden Ticket will be awarded to the Top $ Fundraising Team who gets to skip any challenge except the final Challenge.  

(The Head Start incentive is for the first challenge only.)

2 minute head start when $250.00 - $499.00 is raised

5 minute head start when $500.00 - $999.00 is raised

10 minute head start when $1,000.00 + is raised

There numbers are cumulative. The max head start is 10 minutes.


Team 1st Place Prize is $2,500.00
Team 2nd Place Prize $1,500.00
Team 3rd Place Prize $1,000.00

Emergency Responders Challenge 

This year we are adding an Emergency Responders Challenge within The MOST Amazing Race to recognize the highest finishing team that includes at least one Emergency Responder.  Please email bridget.lenhardt@uss.salvationarmy.org if one of your team members is an Emergency Responder.

Emergency Responders Challenge trophy and sponsor

trophy.jpg  Jambo


Read the rules carefully! Some are trickier than others!