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2016 - 2017 Projects

In 2016, The Salvation Army Southern Territory will begin the fifth annual Gifts Project initiative in conjunction with the Overseas Child Sponsorship program to help fund specific projects requested by The Salvation Army children’s homes and centers throughout the world. These projects allow the homes and centers to highlight the most crucial needs in order to provide the best level of care to the children in their community.

One-time gifts that start at $25 can be donated to one of these specific projects that can be used towards gifts for corps members, co-workers, friends and family, that not only allow you to give a gift with a cause, but to spread love to these children around the world. Last year, projects such providing music material for children that are high risk of being trafficked and providing educational material to children in a community that is riddled with drug and physical abuse, were able to be funded due to the incredible generosity of others. For every donation of $50 or greater we'll also send you a special thank you gift from "Others".

Purchasing a gift on behalf of others is a great way to honor those in your life that you care about in a way that not only betters the lives of children around the world but gives true meaning to a gift with a selfless act of love.



School for the Blind:




Rayito de Luz:


Costa Rica:

Costa Rica

Day Care Center:

Medical Care



El Redil Children's Home:

Housing and Resources



Vila dos Pescadores:

Critical Needs



Mateare Outpost:

Children's Development Center



With every gift over $50 you will receive a special thank you from "Others", The Salvation Army's initiative for trade that promotes hope.