The Salvation Army Texas — One Month Report Back After Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey surviviors needed help …


for supporting your neighbors in their time of need

This Is the Power of Your Giving:

Meals and Food Boxes provided:


Comfort Kits distributed:


People receiving emotional and spiritual care:


You Brought Hope in the Face of Loss

You helped Bonnie in Port Aransas. Hurricane Harvey flooded her home, destroying almost everything. “We lived there for 17 years,” she says. “It’s so hard to take it all in, and my husband breaks down every day. We lost pictures, and so many other things that can’t be replaced.”

Bonnie and her husband have found help through The Salvation Army, receiving meals, drinks, snacks, and spiritual comfort. When Bonnie thanks The Salvation Army, she’s really thanking you:

“You’ve given us food, supplies, and smiles right when we needed it,” Bonnie says. “The Salvation Army folks were good to us here in Port Aransas … we are surely going to remember them for a lifetime.”

You Stood With Strong Neighbors

Rosalinda lives in an apartment complex in Houston. Just two weeks before Harvey struck, she suffered both a stroke and a heart attack. Still sick and recovering, she needed help in the wake of the storm.

That was when friends like you made a difference. Your generosity helped empower 40 mobile feeding units to respond, serving Greater Houston’s hardest hit communities. Your kindness helped bring Rosalinda and her neighbors urgently needed food and other supplies.

“I don’t let anything get me down,” Rosalinda says. “God allows you to go through storms to make you strong.”

You Served Seniors

You helped seniors riding out the storm in Corpus Christi. One woman living in a senior apartment complex told us:

“I am disabled and on low income now. … There are quite a few residents who don’t drive anymore, and many are over 70 years old, with some over 90. During Hurricane Harvey, only about 30% could evacuate and most people in the community stayed. … We were six days without power, and some of us were without hot water because the wind blew out our pilot light. … I can’t begin to tell you how important it was when your much-welcomed truck pulled into our community and served meals to us.”

“The Salvation Army people who served us were great and listened to all our troubles. They did more than serve food – they were our heroes.”

“The Salvation Army’s response to Hurricane Harvey is the largest disaster effort we’ve seen in years. The long-term recovery of storm survivors is now the focus of The Salvation Army.”

— Laurie Fried

Long-Term Recovery Manager for The Salvation Army in Texas

People impacted by Harvey have months and even years of recovery ahead. The Salvation Army is now hiring additional case workers to help these neighbors get back on their feet. We’re identifying needs, developing long-term recovery plans, connecting people with the resources that can help, and supporting them as they work toward their goals, one step at a time.

Your generous support made the difference when Hurricane Harvey struck, and your ongoing generosity can continue to change lives …

Right now, the need throughout many Texas communities remains great. People who needed help before the storm are still coming to our doors. And then there are those neighbors working to recover from the long-lasting effects of Hurricane Harvey.

Your gift today will help bring The Salvation Army’s full range of assistance and support to all of our neighbors in need, whatever circumstances have led them to ask for help.